do u ever realize how ugly u really are and it just ruins ur day


like imagine if you’d never seen a dog and you saw a saint bernard and you were like, what’s that and then someone was like, thats a dog. and then you saw a chihuahua and you were like ok whats that and they were like, that’s a dog. wouldn’t you feel lied to? wouldn’t you sense that something was amiss

Thank You For The Venom My Chemical Romance Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge


My Chemical Romance - Thanks For The Venom

It’s like 8th grade all over again.


Im not allowed outside after dark because i outshine all the stars and the moon so baby sea turtles always end up flocking to me



a child with a INTTERNET FRIENDSHhip?? no…. not possiBle…. ……. firends can only be made WITH TOUCCHING… SEEEEING…. sensaually smelling…. internet FRIDND A LIE

gIRLs? silly CHilD… THEre are nO girLS on the internet.. only FOrtY yEAR oLd meNS?!?!




*makes heterophobic text post*

It’s a metaphor, see? You make a mean text post, but you don’t back it with thousands of years of violently-upheld institutional power, so it doesn’t have the power to actually hurt anyone. 

best one yet

all of you please roughly shove a cactus up your ass

to add to what i said above i just want to say that bullying is never okay

if you told an asexual, bigender kid to go die there’d be an outlash, but telling a cishet kid to go die is obviously okay because they’ll never have anything wrong in their life e v e r and telling someone to go die won’t actually hurt anyone

you know, unless you’re wrong and someone ends up killing themself because they feel hated for who they are.

and five bucks says someone on this website will be glad they did it.


cats are mysterious and powerful and we must respect them


*looks at you seductively* *lowers glasses* i can’t see a thing


close the door mom you are letting the emo out

❝Kangaroos are like deer T-rexes.❞
(via overheard-at-school)